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I taught for several years at a residential school for children with emotional disabilities before staying home after the birth of my second daughter. I returned to teaching, finished my Educational Leadership program in May of 2012, and now work as our district's Writing and Social Studies Coordinator. I have always loved writing and find constant inspiration from my family. Maybe someday, I will get to see my name on the cover of a book!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Letting Go

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Many of you have gotten to know my dad over the years, as he has inspired many, many stories and slices. Last week, I wrote about holding on. This week, I write about letting go. 

My dad left us on Wednesday. I am working on putting together a cohesive set of memories about him for the service we will have on Friday, and part of it will wrap around the wisdom we have all gained from his life and his way of living.

The end of my dad's life wasn’t the one he envisioned full of trips, retirement homes, and grandchildren's college graduations. Thirteen years ago, our dad had a terrible accident and my brother Charlie was there to help him live.  Last Wednesday, it was Charlie who held Dad and told him to let go, he would never be forgotten and our paths will all cross again.  In those thirteen years, we have had the gift of more time with our father. In those thirteen years, his past faded and his future blurred, but Dad always, always, was up for an adventure, was up for the moment. Dad’s moments became what he knew and he always loved them--the game to watch, the concert to attend, the fish to catch, the cards to collect.

"How was your day, Dad?" we would ask him.

"I had a great day," he always answered.

He meant it, too. His moments mattered, because that's what he had, but that’s what we all have, and that could be Dad’s most important lesson. The wisdom I need to always keep. Moments matter. The moments of right here, right now.

Rest in peace, Dad. 


  1. What a beautiful tribute, Melanie, and what a great picture of you with your dad. I'm sure he was very proud of you and the way you make "moments matter" for everyone you know. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. This touched my heart. I am so sorry for your dad's passing. He sounds like an incredible man with a positive mindset who knew what counts in life. The picture of you two shines with love.

  3. Moments right here, right now. That picture is one of those moments. It radiates joy and love. I know you and your family will hold on to the spirit and wisdom in those words. What a gift. Prayers to you and yours. I'm so sorry.

  4. Thank you for sharing this special time with us, Melanie. I haven't always read your posts, but know enough that your time with your dad has been a special one, and I hear that again in your words about him. You will miss this special part of your life, I imagine, yet it seems you have such good memories of it, too. Hugs to you and your family. I too love seeing the picture.

  5. It's with tears in my eyes that I read this post. I know you will keep your father's spirit and memory alive for yourself, your daughters, and for future generations with your words, Melanie.

    Thinking of you. Like Kathleen said, this photo exudes love.

  6. Melanie, That picture is so beautiful and shows such joy and so much love! There are no words that will take away the pain of your loss. Saying a prayer for you and your family during this time. Thank you for sharing these moments with us!

  7. So sorry about your loss. Your dad sounds like such a special guy! Looking forward to more of your terrific stories about him.