Sunday, August 30, 2020

Slice of Life: Pumpkin Cake of Fall 2020

My summer didn't include much slicing, but the school year has started, and my slicing life is back on track. All are welcome! Join us at Two Writing Teachers!

Three years ago, I made a pumpkin cake to bring as part of the potluck post-game meal that parents brought for my daughter's soccer team. Even though I told everyone how easy it was to make and I shared the recipe with several people, this cake became my signature dish. When we were expecting a big crowd, I even doubled the recipe and brought two cakes. Those were the only times there was ever any left over. 

The team would have had their opening game this week. Julia only decided she would return to campus a couple of days ago, and she left Sunday morning. 

"Do you want to bring a pumpkin cake?" I asked, not sure of what I wanted the answer to be. 

As with many of her decisions, Julia didn't answer right away, and I wasn't sure whether to make one or not. But before dinner, she made a grocery run and returned with cream cheese. 

When Julia left, her car was bursting and a pumpkin cake was balanced on the passenger seat. She will share it with her four housemates, and maybe she will leave some additional pieces on her front porch for other players to grab and go. 

#2020 is rough. 


  1. I love to make homemade fresh pumpkin bread and cookies. It is a ritual each fall as we wait for the beautiful pumpkins that decorate our house turn into a fanciful dessert. This looks wonderful, Melanie, and I am glad that you were able to give the cake a wonderful send-off. Best wishes to your daughter who starts a new semester. Glad to see your smiling face back on SOL20.

  2. I've never been a team sports person, but I've thought a lot about how those teams are dealing with these crazy times. I just feel so bad for so many people these days. I'm glad that Julia opted to bring a pumpkin cake and adjust that tradition. It also spreads a little happiness and we can all use some of that!