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I taught for several years at a residential school for children with emotional disabilities before staying home after the birth of my second daughter. I returned to teaching, finished my Educational Leadership program in May of 2012, and now work as our district's Writing and Social Studies Coordinator. I have always loved writing and find constant inspiration from my family. Maybe someday, I will get to see my name on the cover of a book!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Slice #14 of 31- We Have to Get There Early... Really?

This month, I have committed to writing every day through the community at Two Writing Teachers. All are welcome to the March Slice of Life Challenge! It's not too late to join in with comments-- or just read... 

Whenever my husband fly together, we debate the time to arrive at the airport. He likes to get there early. If he is through security and sitting outside the gate with 90 minutes to spare, he's a happy guy. Me? I'd rather have the adrenalin rush that comes with rushing to the back of the line. (Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I tend to cut my airport arrival time pretty close.) When I travel with Garth, I now know to bring a good book and buy myself an airport coffee.

Last night, we had our daughter's basketball semi-final game in a neighboring town.

"We have to leave early," Garth said.

"Just give me a time," I answered.

We left way earlier than I would have if left to my own decision making. He convinced me that the ticket line would be long.

"But we pre-purchased tickets," I said.

"We're bringing a kid who still needs a ticket."

"Plus, we want good seats," My youngest daughter piped in.

I tried not to roll my eyes, and I got into the driver's seat, ready to go. Garth is a better navigator, so I usually do the driving. As a light turned green, the car in front of us didn't go right away.

"Give him a toot," Garth said, before counting to three.

"No," I answered.

He laughed at himself and rubbed his hands together. "I'm a little antsy."

We got to the game in plenty of time. Parking was easy, the ticket line was short, and we had plenty of choices for seats. (I didn't say I told you so...) Pre-basketball games aren't like airports; there's no good coffee and it's a lousy reading environment. However, there are a lot of people to catch up with, and I ended up with a lot of time to see and talk to friends. All good, since some of them I won't see much until next year's basketball season--after last night's game, basketball season is over for the Farmington girls.

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  1. I can so relate to the pull and tug that results when one of a couple needs to be early. I am the early bird and it has been a long-battle-with-no-resolution-possible-other than respect for each other's feelings.
    PS Sorry about the loss.

  2. I'm the early bird in my family. I got the gene from my father, who was in sales and always left fifteen minutes before he said he was going to. If you weren't in the car by then, you got left and were in for a timeliness lecture when he got home! Glad you had fun at the bball game! There's always next year, right?

  3. Melanie, Your SOL reminds me of each time my husband and I go out, except I am the one trying to leave earlier than him, he is comfortable rushing, getting stuck in traffic and getting there just in the nick of time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think this is the balance of man and woman! Every relationship has these opposites and that's why it works. :) Glad you enjoyed your night (even if arriving waaaay to early)!

  5. It's good that you give in to the early person, otherwise the stress level would be rising. Fortunately my husband and I want the comfort and safety of being early so rarely that's an issue. Now my brother-in-law is another story, he wants to arrive as they are loading the plane. Drives me crazy to travel with him.
    On another note: I think of Larkin as a friend too. I love the glimpse into her world, so different from my "senior" status. LOL!

  6. This is one area my husband and I agree upon LOL! We both tend to be a bit early for things...but there are plenty other areas we are very different! :-)

  7. Everyone listens to their own drummer don't they? My daughter cuts it very close which makes me nervous, but I've learned that she does make it on time. I like sitting with the book and the coffee at the airport, people watching. You've described our world exactly, Melanie!

  8. Same dynamic in my family...I know I shouldn't admit this, but I am usually glad when I listen to my husband, it makes life so much less stressful!

  9. This is somewhat similar to Ray and me. I like getting to the airport early...like your husband. Ray doesn't like to cut it close but thinks I worry too much about being late. That all changed when driving from Clearwater Beach to the Tampa airport when there was an accident on the causeway. Our friend, was able to do a U-turn and take us an alternate way...getting us to the airport...just in time! Yes, there was quite an adrenalin rush...and we both were grateful that I insisted we leave much earlier than Ray thought. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  10. I think I'm the Garth in this story and my husband is the Melanie! I also love time at an airport, so I don't mind being early, but I also appreciate that where I live, you can literally get to the airport 50 minutes before your flight and still make it! (Plus there's no good coffee so no reason to hang out!)