Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Slice of Life: The Girls Are Home

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The girls are home. 
There's chocolate cake 
Baked at 10.
(That's 10 p.m.)
And workouts that include
Too many abs
And frog jumps,
And burpees. 

There are debates over whether
to watch
The Bachelorette because 
it's home visits
The season finale of The Voice. 

There a new Taylor Swift album
Instead of my 
new Bruce Springsteen album,
And seltzer cans, empty,
On the piano
After a session of 
Playing and singing and composing.
There's extra laundry,
And extra crumbs,
And extra dishwasher loads,
And extra noise. 
The girls are home. 


  1. "Too many abs
    And frog jumps,
    And burpees." In my experience any workout that features these are the most hateful.

    But I'm really glad your girls are home. Soak up all of this time & enjoy the holidays.

  2. I am happy for you. It's been a while since my girls were at home and we had 10:00pm baking.