Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Slice of Life- One Little Word for 2016

On Tuesdays, the community of Two Writing Teachers hosts the Slice of Life. Join the incredible community by writing a snippet of life, or even join with just a comment or two. Everyone is welcome!

This will be the fourth year that I have chosen one little word to be my guide for the year. I have lived with present, kindness, and acknowledge. What is so is that each word has lingered in my life well beyond its designated year. Together, these words serve as anchors to me, especially when life feels stressful and overwhelming.

I have made several lists of possible words for 2016, and I have debated some wordly finalists. I loved Beth Moore's choice of play, and I admired her post and passion about play in education. I will, in fact, sign up for a crusade to have play an integral part of education. I also related to Dana Murphy's choice of joy. I do have great joy in my life, and sometimes, I forget to celebrate all of it. Other serious contenders for 2016 were balance, nurture, remember, and moment, and the winner is wonder.

I have been working hard to bring wonder and curiosity into classrooms, and I want to make sure that I bring wonder to the forefront of my own thinking. I want to linger in the what if's and the possibilities. I want to push a little past what is comfortable and what I know. I'm trusting that wonder will remind me to ask questions and linger with the challenge and enjoyment of growing within the answers.

Happy 2016 to all of you.