Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Slice of Life: Where are the brownies?

On Tuesdays, the community of Two Writing Teachers hosts the Slice of Life. Join the incredible community by writing a snippet of life, or even join with just a comment or two. Everyone is welcome! Today I'm gearing up for the March Challenge, and I definitely need to get back in the habit of daily slicing! 

"So where are the brownies?" we asked Beth after we finished the delicious macaroni and cheese she'd made us for the first night of our Vermont writing retreat.

"Brownies?" she asked.

"Last year you made the best brownies ever," C. said.

"I've been dreaming of them ever since," I added.

"I forgot all about them," she said.

We were joking, but she was seriously ready to make a batch for us, right then and there. All weekend, we laughed about the brownies.

We would have written more if we'd only had brownies...
That feedback? It would have been really spectacular if I'd had a brownie or two...
If I only had a brownie, I would have been able to stay up and read my book...

By the end of the weekend, Beth anticipated-- I know, I know. You just needed a brownie...

True disclosure: For the second year in a row, Beth has been the most amazing host ever to a small group of people happy to talk about books and writing for a weekend, and the food beyond great.

Lucky for me, Beth lives right near where I work when she's not in Vermont, so when I forgot my hairdryer, she texted me that she'd drop it off at the school. Today, I went to retrieve my bag in the office so I wouldn't have to keep using my daughter's hairdryer. Yep, there was a bag with my dryer and--- BROWNIES.

I LOVE her!

Happy writing,