Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Slice of Life: A plate and a mug in the sink

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"Is there a reason to leave the dishes in the sink, as opposed to putting them straight into the dishwasher?" Julia wondered out loud when she came downstairs to make breakfast. 

I honestly wasn't sure what part of that question I liked best. Maybe that she noticed dishes in the first place? Maybe that she was planning to put them into the dishwasher? Maybe that she asked about it in an effective kind of way? Asking a question, even a redundant one, has more probability around our house to get things done. 

I headed over to see the objects of her annoyance. A single plate and a mug. 

"I've got it, Mom," she said. "You don't load the dishwasher right, anyway."

Another sentence out of Julia's mouth that I like a lot. I could explain what I like about it, but I will leave that to readers. 

(Note: It could have been me who left my dishes in the sink.)

Happy Slicing,