Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Slice of Life: Yes, they surprised me!

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"Why don't you just come home?" I said. "You can be here in a few hours."

My daughter Clare had called. Her sorority-to-be is in some trouble so there were no social events or obligations over the weekend, and I knew that she wanted to see her oldest sister. Larkin had flown home for the weekend--her first time home since Christmas!

"Ehhh," Clare said on the other end of the phone. "I have a lot of work, and I can just get some rest."

I didn't push it. I was happy she likes school. 

Later, another one of the four girls called. She goes to college much closer to home.

"What's for dinner?" Julia asked. "I want to see Larkin." 

We'd all finished dinner, and we were sitting around the table when the front door opened and Clare walked in. I actually started to cry. They even caught my reaction on video. 

"I was already in the car driving when you said to come home," she said. "I just figured I'd surprise you."

Yep, she did. It was one of the best ever surprises, and SO much fun to have them all together for Julia's soccer game and more silly moments in the kitchen!

Happy Slicing,