Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Slice of Life: Election Day Morning 2020

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It's 5:15, and I've been up for a while.
Maybe it's the time change.
Maybe I'm distracted and disturbed by the Queen's Gambit. 
I haven't been so hooked on a show since Scandal, 
and I had MUCH more time to binge when I watched Kerry Washington 
take on politicians and corruption. 
Speaking of which...

Today's the day I, 
in my own small part, in a town in a state 
that matters very little to the overall outcome, 
get a chance to take on 
politicians and corruption. 

In a few minutes, 
I will sign off from the computer for a while. 
I will go wake up my husband, 
dry my hair, start the coffee, walk the dog... 

And then we will go vote. 
Yes, I could have voted by mail, 
but I was too worried 
about last minute changes 
or something making my vote not count. 
Irrational, I know. 
In a state that is solidly blue,
 my vote matters very little on the national level, 
but still. 
Sometimes everyone can be subject 
to a little irrationality. 

And then, like many...
I will watch.

And hope. 


  1. I'm up early too. 4:30 am today and just couldn't fall back asleep. It will feel good to cast my ballot today, also in a state that is blue, but still.....it's my right, it's my choice...and I pray.

  2. I’m voting in person for the same reasons today. Hoping right alongside you.

  3. Hoping w/ you. Certainly understand your worries about voting. My state will go red, but I vote blue anyway and do my best to fight the good fight. Peace to you as we await our nation’s fate.

  4. How did voting go? Was there a long line at the polls?

  5. Thank you, Melanie. This is a slice of life that I pray a record-breaking amount of people have today. The past four years have definitely made many more people engaged in the process. I'm glad you voted--not irrational at all to want your vote to be counted. All the best.