Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Slice of Life: The Bravery of a Kindergarten Writer

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Above his mask, Taylor's eyes widened and brightened as his teacher explained my role and my hope for his task. "This is the lady who teaches writing to everyone in the school," Mrs. B. explained. "She's wondering if she could hear about your writing."

Taylor headed over to where the writing folders were kept, and he found his red folder with several pieces tucked into the pockets. We sat down, and he explained his filing system. 

"The ones on this side are the pieces I've finished," he said. "This one is the one I'm working on now."

Watching this young writer explain his system and then tour me through his pieces was exactly what I needed this morning. He had no hesitation as he read his word approximations and explained his pictures, and I thought about other older writers who get paralyzed in their writing processes when they aren't sure of how to spell a word. His confidence and lack of inhibition was so different! 

When Taylor got to the picture where he'd come out of a portal to visit his teacher in a secret place, he sparkled as he explained the magic that was at work in his story. I couldn't resist teaching him the power of labels. 

"I can write the word portal and then you'll know what that is," he said. 

"Exactly," I said. 

I left him working through the letters he could hear in the word portal, and I am holding on to the hope that he stays as brave and excited about his writing for as long as possible. 

Happy Slicing,

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  1. Melanie, this little boy is just the type of child that benefits from a guide on his writing journey. How special that you are able to work with him. Thanks for bringing this slice to us.