Sunday, June 5, 2022

Slice of Life: Finding the Joy in the Waves

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As is the case for many people, I find peace and joy when I walk on the beach. Last week, my daughter and I took a fairly spontaneous trip to South Carolina to visit my aunt and uncle. After dinner and thunderstorms, but before sunset, the four of us headed to the ocean. Low tide meant easy walking and the possibility for finding shells. 

As we walked, we admired some of the day's sand castles that the rain had spared, we filled in holes that could lead to twisted ankles, and they pointed out the various residences. More than anything else, we watched families. 

One little girl had recently turned two. Her mother shared that last year she had been scared of the waves, but that was not the case this year. We cheered along with her as she tried to keep her footing when waves rolled in and then pulled away. More often than not, she landed in the receding water, laughing out loud as it rolled her around, sometimes sideways from her belly to her back. Watchful parents and grandparents were always at the ready to scoop her up before she kicked and pushed her way into the pathway of the next wave. 

Even though I love the ages of my children, and, if truth be told, I found the toddler ages to be the most challenging, I watched the interactions with nostalgia. Her joy in the moment lit up her family, as well as onlookers. This little girls had no worries about homework, relationships, work responsibilities, money, health, social media-- only the discomfort of sand in her clothing which she eliminated by stripping down in between waves. What a beautiful thing to laugh until you can't stand straight because of the power of gentle waves. 

As I reflect, my goal for the summer will be to find the joy in waves this summer. I can't wait for the New England water to get warm enough for some wave-riding laughter. 

Happy slicing, 


  1. In April our daughter and grandchildren had come. They enjoyed the beach and the waves in the same way and were reluctant to return home 😊

  2. I watched a joyful encounter on the beach between toddler and sand, another naked one, but on the Oregon Coast that complete abandon takes true commitment. I love the picture you paint here and am nodding in agreement.

  3. I can relate to what you wrote about the exhaustion and the bliss of the pre-school ages. It's wonderful to witness the unencumbered joy of a child who hasn't felt the pressures of the schoolwork and everything that comes with it. (I'm on the precipice of Ari beginning Kindergarten so I'll admit to being more emotional lately!)

    May you find joy in waves this summer!

  4. Love your goal for yourself this summer that emerged from this moment!