Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Slice of Life: End of Summer

It's the end of summer, and I'm back slicing on Tuesdays! All are welcome! Join us at Two Writing Teachers!

In her book, Baby, Patricia MacLachlan writes about the end of summer. Some of you may know my daughter Larkin, and her name came from this book. The fictional Larkin lives on an island that attracts many summer visitors, and at the end of the summer, Larkin notices all of the artifacts left by the summer people as the island quiets and residents reconnect. 

I am trying hard to find my joy at the end of August. On Thursday, I'll bring my youngest daughter to college. She deferred last year, so to say that she's ready is a bit of an understatement. I'm working on my own readiness. It's supposed to rain (a lot) on Thursday, so any tears will have great camouflage. As is the case for every summer's end, the transition is rough. I love ripe tomatoes, but not as much as late sunsets and the freedom to decide how to fill the blank pages of my days. And I love the presence of my daughters-- they're around much more during the summer. 

Today, I wore a skirt, but allowed myself the comfort of my summer shoes. There's joy in my worn down pair of Birks. I woke up early and worked out before leaving the house. There's some joy in knowing that's done for the day. And I have gotten my relocated office to a point where I can sit and do some work without being distracted by the boxes and piles that beckon me to unpack and organize them. There's joy in creating a work space. 

My return to work leads to my return to rituals, and I'm happy to be slicing. Full disclosure is that I've allowed myself some (several) Tuesdays off during July and August, and there's joy, for sure, in reconnecting. 

Happy Slicing,


  1. Happy to see you back in this space, Melanie. I know Cecily's transition to college will be bittersweet on Thursday. Yes, there will be lots of rain to camoflauge those tears. (What's up with all of the weird weather on important days in your family!?!??!)

  2. Welcome back to routines and structure, something very welcome after the long unstructured days of summer.

  3. Glad to see you back. I too have been inconsistent over the weeks of summer, but even late, wrote today as well. Your focus on the joys of transition is a lesson for all of us. It gives me great meeting starts to help colleagues reflect on their joys as well. Thanks as always for the inspirations.