Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Slice of Life: Sometimes getting started is enough

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Over the last few weeks, there have been many conversations I've had about the importance of writing in the lives of teachers. Yep, I need to write in order to understand and empathize with the struggles writers have. Yep, I need to write in order to have authentic models and exemplar pieces to put in front of students. Yep, I need to write so that students understand and appreciate my identity as a writer. 

And yet... 

I know that on Tuesdays my job is to write a slice. I know that there is a community of writers out there who support me and look for my posts. I know that I will appreciate the words they've written and be inspired as a result of reading their pieces. 

And yet...

My last post was in October, and today is November 30 which means that it's been a month of no posting, and I am still struggling with deciding on a topic and a post to write that feels worthy. How is it that I can write a post every single day  in March, but am at a loss for a topic after an entire month. The struggle is real. Writing is hard. I might be writing and writing and writing other types of writing, but a slice of life??? There are times when nothing shows up, and I appreciate the struggles students have when I assure them they have stories to tell. Yes, I have stories, and sometimes it's just really, really hard to get started. 

Maybe next week will feel easier. 

Happy Slicing, 


  1. Hi Melanie, I get it! I asked myself the same question-how did I do this every day in March? I sometimes begin drafts in my Notes app, copy and paste and leave them for later. Too often, I haven't returned to revise them. Writing is hard, but once you get to the other side of it, well, it's worth it.

  2. You showed up and shared your struggle. I share it too. Writing is hard!