Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Slice of Life: A Short Slice About the Different Perspectives on a Rainy Day


     It's Tuesday, and Tuesdays are for slicing.  Anyone is welcome to join us through Two Writing Teachers, slicing, sharing, and commenting on other slices! 

As with so many things in life, there are a lot of different perspectives on rain. I'm sure that my mother is doing whatever happy dance she can muster first thing in the morning since her pots and plants have been wilting since July. The superintendent at the local golf course is probably nodding his appreciation as well. The last time I saw him I was thrilled that the weatherman had been wrong about the rainy forecast since it meant I could play... him? Not so much. 

For many of my colleagues, rainy days mean indoor recess, and I'm packing a couple of games to share later this morning if students are stuck. 

My lab could care less. The rain runs off him the way it does on a mallard's back. But my littler dog Winnie will resist going out for the day, disliking all aspects of a rainy day and much preferring any and all cushioned spots in the house.  

Happy Slicing,



  1. I'm with Winnie. I'd much rather be indoors anytime there's substantial rain falling from the sky.

    Speaking of indoor recess, Ari is NOT a fan. (I learned that one last week.)

  2. I feel lucky - my lab mix agrees with your Winnie … he’s a no go for a rainy day … so we can just snuggle and read on those days! (I mean, if it’s a weekend, you know…LOL)

  3. As long as I have rain boots and good jacket I love a rainy day...except at school. Thanks for the short, but sweet slice.