Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Slice of Life: There's Bravery Behind Those Cowboy Boots



        It's Tuesday, and Tuesdays are for slicing.  Anyone is welcome to join us through Two Writing Teachers, slicing, sharing, and commenting on other slices! 

Many years ago during a professional development session, a colleague and I were directed to determine the qualities and personality traits of the tree in the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I remember how T. described the tree as brave. It takes courage to give gifts. That was the year before I chose present as my one little word. Since one of the meanings of present is synonymous with gift, I had recently been all too aware of how much thought and yes, courage, went into choosing gifts for others, watching them open them, and hoping they'd like them. 

One of my daughter's birthday is tomorrow, and I have yet to decide on her gift. I have a little leeway since I won't see her until Friday, but my mother is way ahead of me. 

"Have you heard from Clare?" she asked me yesterday. "Did she get my package?"

"Your package?" I echoed.

""I sent her cowboy boots," my mom said. 

Cowboy boots? My mother sent my daughter cowboy boots??? What?  I've been coveting cowboy boots! Somehow both pairs I had during my college days are nowhere to be found, although many other less desirable items keep showing up in unopened boxes.

"Mom," I said, "that is awesome."

"I texted the other girls," she said. "They filled me in. And then I ordered them and sent them."

I can't wait to hear Clare's response, and I also can't wait to give my mom a hug. What a generous gift. 

And what a brave act!

Happy Slicing,


  1. Hello Friend ... it's been a bit. Love that I come back to slicing with a story of your girls. Love those stories so much. Hope you are well.

  2. Your mom is much more bold and daring than my mother when it comes to gifts.. My mom has been resorting to money for many years with her grandchildren. It's safer, but far less memorable. I like how you connected this with the loaded one little word.

  3. What a gift! I hope Clare loves them. Happy birthday!