Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Slice of Life: The Pants

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"Hour of truth," Clare said.

P. was hardly out of the car, and I watched him walk across the parking lot and toward his fraternity. 

Should I say that the first thing I noticed was his pants that were a little tight and short? Honestly, who really cares? It's just that most of the boys who've been around our house wear their pants on the baggy side. Maybe the snugness was just from a recent beer binge, although he was pretty slim... I decided to keep that whole line of thinking to myself.

"I like him," I said. 

He was friendly and polite at dinner, appreciative and happy to answer questions. I liked hearing about how they spent the afternoon playing Jenga at a local coffee shop, enjoying one of the first spring days. I have a sense as to college and what having a boyfriend also involves; I'm trying to repress my own college sophomore days insofar as men, relationships, and freedom is concerned as I think about my almost twenty year-old daughter. 

"I like how comfortable the two of you are," I said. 

The two of them had jokes they shared. When I asked Clare what her plans were for Easter, P, was quick to say she was invited to his grandmother's. Judging from her reaction, Clare already knew his grandmother. Since he lives closer to their college, she's already met and spent time with his family a few times. Maybe more than a few times. 

"And he puts up with you." 

While he didn't hold the car doors or stay standing until she sat down as her last boyfriend did, his manners were fine. Clare gave him a hard time when he left his napkin folded in his lap as opposed to spreading it out. (I'm not sure that's a thing, but Clare had an opinion about it.) I hid my smile as he accepted her napkin spreading with a smile. 

"I can't believe he wore those pants," Clare said. "I made him get new ones last week and told him to put those away."

I started to laugh.

"I'm making those disappear!" she said. 

I laughed harder. I love that girl, and I have a feeling he's starting to also. Good luck to him!

Happy Slicing,


  1. I cannot even imagine how I will handle when my kids start bringing home significant others. Well done, Mom!

    Your pants conversation made me giggle!

  2. Aw Clare. Wow... you nave neglected to mention this news. I can so picture the moments at dinner and also her question to you. Your slices bring me into your close relationships with your girls. They are lucky to have you as their mama. You share so much, not the least of which is laughter.

  3. Love -- I am going to make those pants disappear. Says so much in one line!! Good luck to him indeed -- he would be lucky to win her over. Loved everything about this slice.