Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Slice of Life: The salmon oil saga, Part 2

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My blue polka-dot sweater had gone through the wash since the salmon oil debacle. Just as I debated a couple of weeks ago about what to wear, I debated again this morning. Connecticut weather has been tricky. We are all ready to pull out our spring clothes, but the outdoor thermostat has different ideas. Whether we like it or not, boots and tights still feel better than capris and flats.

In any case, the blue polka-dots seemed like a good choice.

"Cute sweater," a co-worker said as I walked into work.

Yes, I thought. An oldie but goodie. It was even an easy sweater to wash and seemed no worse for the wear after a good cleaning to get rid of the salmon oil I'd splattered on it.

But then I sat down at my desk to dig into a curriculum project I needed to get done.

What was that smell?

Oh no.

Another waft.

Oh double no.

I pulled up the collar to my nose. Triple no. It was 8:45.  Could I make it home before my meeting at 10:30? I could, but I wouldn't get the project done. Why didn't I do it the night before? I don't usually save things until the last minute. I tried to concentrate. The smell started to give me a headache. By 9:15, I reached for the motrin. Would motrin help a smell-induced headache.

At 9:50, I made a decision. My meeting was a drive away, and if I was quick, I could go a round about way and swing into the Gap just as it opened. There would for sure be a sweater that would match a neutral pair of pants.

I didn't have time to make it home, but I did have time to be in and out of the Gap in under five minutes with a beige cotton sweater that looked fine, was on sale, and smelled great.

Now what to do with that polka-dot sweater?

Happy Slicing,


  1. You might have to retire the polka dot sweater sadly. I know sometimes people turn sweaters into mittens - find a crafty friend. I kept reading wondering what you would do.

  2. Loved your title ... I knew it was a series. I would ask a dry cleaner what to do -- a favorite is hard to part with. If not ... send it to Mandy - mittens would be awesome!!

  3. I cannot believe the smell is still there -! Febreze-? They make some with super-industrial strength power (if you love the sweater enough to try...)

  4. I dropped a few drops of fish oil on a sweatshirt... I could never get the odor out. And my attempts were ruining the fabric...not to mention frustrating me... so I finally trashed it.