Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Slice of Life: What Kind of Food????

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My daughter Larkin gets asked unusual questions when she explores job opportunities. Last night I got a text from her asking if I could talk. She wanted to know what kind of food she'd be if she had to be a food. 

What kind of food?

Yeah, she said, when I called her. It's like my dream job and the only question they ask is what kind of food I'd be. 

Larkin and I brainstormed possible responses for a while, and had a few really good laughs. I started with the idea of trail mix because of the flexibility and usefulness. She scoffed. Vanilla ice cream since it goes with everything? Another not so positive response. 

"Okay," I said. "What do you want to say about yourself? What do you think is important?"

We talked more about that and thought about other foods. An avocado? (Healthy, multiple uses...) We decided it was too fleeting in its readiness since unripe ones are so bad and overripe ones are such a waste. A loaf of bread? Possibly-- there are a lot of things to do with that!

Eventually, Larkin came to what I think was a decision, although she's been known to change her mind after a conversation, a tendency I admire and love about her. Once she did, I asked the usual question:

Have you googled this? 

We cracked up at some of the answers:

I'm a grapefruit.. one false squeeze and you get it right in the eye.. :P
I think I would be a chocolate meringue pie baked by my sainted mother.

Only those who saved room for me would even bother to try me. But for those few, I would be that rare indescribable experience. They would savor me with their favorite coffee, and remember me for the rest of their lives.

Turns out there's even a personality test to see what kind of food you'd be, just in case you're curious. I recommend the conversation over the quiz, though! And I'll keep you posted if the company likes Larkin's answers!

Happy Slicing,


  1. This is such an interesting conversation. What kind of job asked this question? I already love the company. And I'm now trying to figure out how I would answer it!

  2. What a fun conversation! I got such a sense of the warm relationship between you and your daughter--the light-hearted, easy sharing and laughter. Having adult children is pretty awesome, right? Now I think I'm going to ask my own kids this question. I also might use it as a class conversation starter. Great slice!

  3. Were you sworn to secrecy on the chosen food? I guess, if it were me, the artichoke, I'd keep it private until I got the job, too. Have to keep the heart of the story concealed at first.

  4. There are so many ways to go with this question that I wonder what the goal is. Certainly a creative way to find out about someone.

  5. I love the light heartedness of this post and the fun loving conversation between the two of you. I am intrigued by both the question and the type of job asking such a question AND that she knows the question prior to the interview! Sending good luck her way!

  6. Interesting question, I may have to give this to my sophomores

  7. That’s an interesting question. You’ve got to text me and tell me what kind of job it is that Larkin is interviewing for. I’m curious!

  8. We ask people what kind of tree they'd be. I always thought it was a ridiculous question, but during a recent round of interviews, people's responses to it were actually really helpful in making our decision! Good luck to Larkin!