Friday, March 22, 2019

Slice of Life 2019 22 of 31: Just a dot of salmon oil

Throughout the month of March, I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge. I am happy to co-host this event with the team at Two Writing Teachers. Everyone is welcome!

For no good reason, I am rushing to get the dogs their breakfast. And since I'm rushing, I am multi-tasking.

Okie has dry skin, so he gets a couple pumps of salmon oil in his food. Salmon oil smells exactly as you might imagine. Not good. 

I hold Okie's bowl in my left had, and I reach to push the pump down into Okie's food, still holding the cup in my right hand. Somehow, the cup in my hand slips and the pump swivels, and the oil misfires. At me. 

Repeat: At me. 

Did I mention how salmon oil smells? I sniff at my chest since that is where I think it landed. Salmon oil smell confirmed. (I might say some bad words.)

Since I have a high pressure PD session, I am wearing a favorite sweater, and I head straight to the laundry room, starting a hand-wash cycle right away. I try to find a sweater that makes me just as happy. That's not happening. 

For the rest of the day, I phantom smell or truly smell salmon oil in my presence. Some trusted colleagues reassure me that I don't smell of dead fish, but when I get home, I finally isolate a small section of hair that did not smell of shampoo or conditioner-- it smelled of... you know what it smelled of. 

There's definitely a moral to this story. In this case, the multi-tasking consequence lasted all day! 

Happy Slicing,


  1. So sorry this happened... but I laughed out loud. "The oil misfires." Great verb. And the phrase you used about finding a sweater that "makes me just as happy" and "That's not happening." Hilarious! Sorry about your sweater, though.

  2. I love the pace of your story at the beginning. The bit-by-bit description has me there right with you. The short lines provide great emphasis, and even though I don't know you I can hear you saying them. And I love the ending message. For me supposed multi-tasking generally results in doing things halfway and not being totally present to what I should be doing. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Lanny chose all my favorite lines as well ... I was hoping you had time to shower. I know that smell! Glad you can (and allowed us) to laugh about it.

  4. Thank you for the chuckle. I'm glad you can laugh at it too.

  5. This is hysterical - well, not that it happened, but they way told this slice worthy moment! The "Repeat. At me." line had me smiling! We've all been there - well not with Salmon oil - but the multitasking gone wrong! I totally relate to having a great outfit, having to change, and feeling something like subpar, all because of your clothes! Thanks for sharing!

  6. My dog (okay, my SON'S dog, Henry, but, well - you know how that goes) -has to eat salmon food for "sensitive systems." So when the lid comes off the food storage container- yeah, gross. I love your total paranoia all day about the lingering stink that no one else could smell that you finally isolated - and the sweater not making you as happy. OF COURSE this would happen on an intensive PD day!

  7. Love how you slowed down the hot spot especially ‘the pump swiveled toward’ you - could see it all the way!