Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Slice of Life 2018- 21 of 31

For the month of March, I am participating in the Eleventh Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. That means that I am writing every day for the month of March in the good company of the Two Writing Teachers community. 

I've been playing around with six-word stories for a while. Ernest Hemingway gets the credit for one of the most famous SWS, although there's some debate as to whether he actually wrote it. 

For sale: Baby shoes, never worn

Flash fiction was the topic for one of my MFA seminars, and we had fun packing a lot into small frames. There's a 53-word monthly contest   This month's topic is around luck if anyone's interested in making slicing a little harder! 

Here's one I've been tinkering with:

I sip my third margarita. There’s talk about diapers and IVF. We’re on a donor list, Amy says. Waiting for a match. For an egg? I ask. I’ll give you eggs. You’re in luck-- I have lots. Are you serious, she asks. I nod, gulp that margarita. I’ll call you in the morning.

 Here are some other SWW that I'm concocting as this next storm bears down on us:
More snow? How do we teach?

March snow? March storms? March madness!

Power's off. Schools are closed. Again.

I'm sure I could go on. 

Happy Slicing,


  1. Thanks for sharing the contest! I am looking for more places to keep my writing after the challenge. :) It is always exciting to play with the challenge of limited word stories.

  2. I can't imagine all that snow. Yes, March madness! Time to move south. We are having a beautiful spring.

  3. Love this approach and think it would be a great trick to try with my kids as we move into narrative fiction.

  4. The series of six-word memoirs on the same topic appeals to me. I'm thinking about six lines of six words each and giving thanks I'm not in the east coast snow path. That 53 word contest pushes writers to be concise.

  5. Writing with constraints is always compelling. I take challenges one at a time and typically spontaneously. I may want to give one of these a try as I tend to shy away from writing fiction. Thanks for the share.

  6. I used to be so obsessed with 6-word stories... Love your efforts :)

  7. I love the idea of six word stories. They leave so much to the imagination, but offer just enough to know what direction to head.

    Your entry about LUCK has me intrigued . . . I'm wondering how that conversation will go the next day, and what position this person is in to offer such a suggestion!

  8. Very clever - six words stories are very fun! I hear you with the snow!! Hoping it misses us tonight. Fingers crossed - and toes!