Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Slice of Life 2018: 7 of 31

For the month of March, I am participating in the Eleventh Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. That means that I am writing every day for the month of March in the good company of the Two Writing Teachers community. 

Last night, I was in the middle of a project when my third daughter called from college. 

"What's up?" I asked. 
"I'm walking," she said. "Thought you'd like to talk to me."
I turned my computer away and listened to her ramble about her day, her friends, the floor hockey game she was about to play. 
"I'm here now," she said. "I'll talk to you later."

We hung up, and I tried to figure out where I'd left off on my work. Then, my phone rang again. This time, it was my second daughter calling from college. 
"I'm walking back from class," she said. "Thought I'd check in."

Is it crazy that I'm a little teary as I write this?

I love that I'm their company as they head to and from their classes and activities. 

Happy Slicing,


  1. You give me hope...except I have two boys. If I am lucky they will text... that is if I am REALLY lucky. So happy to see that Larkin is slicing this year! I found her yesterday.
    Stay warm today.

  2. Now wouldn't it be fun if you were walking with them on your way to class too? College life? Do we miss it?

  3. Can I say I'm as jealous as it's humanly possible to be?

    Among my peers, it seems to be feast or famine in this part of life, and you're one of the blessed ones. Enjoy those special moments.

  4. You are one lucky mom, but then they are lucky girls to have a mom like you. Sweet moment to savor when family life is driving you crazy.

  5. This is so sweet, Melanie. I'm in the same boat as Clare. Two boys with busy lives equals infrequent phone calls. Hope you're enjoying your snow day!