Saturday, March 3, 2018

Slice of Life 2018- 3 of 31

For the month of March, I am participating in the Eleventh Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. That means that I am writing every day for the month of March in the good company of the Two Writing Teachers community. 

For some of those who haven't heard, we had some high winds in Connecticut yesterday. Midday, my husband texted to let me know we lost power. Okay--we have a generator, so we function, but there are a few things we can't do like laundry, the internet, and baking. Later, on my way home, I was supposed to stop and get steak tips to grill. I'll be a good wife, I thought to myself. It's raining and windy. Who wants to grill? I'll get lasagna instead so we can cook inside.  I was almost home when I realized that heating up the lasagna would not be possible. Sigh. 

And then, I went to turn on to our street. I was ready for coffee and a bathroom, so I was particularly annoyed to see a road closure sign and a utility person on the road. 

"Where is the tree down?" I asked. "This is my street."

He explained where it was, and yep, it was inconveniently between the corner and my house. I turned around to drive the twenty minute route around to the other side of the street. 
By the time I got to turn on my street, I really needed that bathroom. I was two driveways from home when more blue lights appeared. Another tree. Down on the OTHER side of my driveway. 

Sometimes getting home is harder than you might think!

Since I couldn't get home and one of my daughters wanted to come home for dinner from college (she's about a half hour away) I headed toward her. As long as I sat still, I could make it until I could use her bathroom.

She was happy, it was great to spend car time with her, and when we got to our street, one of the trees was cut up enough to make it to our driveway. 

Happy Day 3!


  1. Sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons. Glad you finally made it home safely, but more importantly, I'm glad you got to spend some unexpected quality time with your college girl. Hope everyone enduring the nor'easter stays safe!

  2. You handle the need for a bathroom in such a dignified way in this piece! I'm glad you had such a good backup plan of going to pick up your daughter, but what an adventure just to make it home!

  3. Control F --mind blowing!!! Thank you. Love the silver lining of seeing your daughter --and I can't believe you made it to her house before you used the bathroom. I would have never made it.

  4. Mind over matter, you did it! I'm sorry to hear about the damage around your home. March is in like a lion for you then. Cheers to a great month of slices!