Saturday, March 20, 2021

Slice of Life- 20 of 31: Adjusting like a pro

  It's March! That means that I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge. I am happy to co-host this event with the team at Two Writing Teachers. Everyone is welcome!

On weekend mornings, I head downstairs in my pajamas and slippers, turn the coffee maker on, and greet Okie. We've tried to give Okie free reign of the house, but he doesn't settle well with the second floor as an option. Without the gate at the bottom of the stairs, he makes early morning (and I mean between 1 and 3) house rounds with loud toenails on the wood steps, ears flapping as he shakes, itchy spots as he scratches next to my bed, and then dry spots to lick (loudly). He's not a settled dog when he has too many options. 

This morning, Clare's dog Winnie came bouncing down the stairs as I put Okie's collar on. Clare came home for the weekend, and with Clare comes Winnie. Unlike Okie, Winnie sleeps on beds, very peacefully.

Okie had to wait while I found hers so she could come for a morning relief session, as well. He had to wait again because she takes care of her business right away. He prefers a spot at the other end of the cul de sac. And then, when we came inside, Okie's favorite routine of the day also had a tweak. Instead of getting his breakfast as soon as I put the scoop of food in his bowl, he had to wait for me to also put Winnie's food in her bowl. He sat staring me down with a glob of drool forming. He was quiet, though, and he maintained his manners, sitting down as I placed his bowl on his mat. 

I'm proud of Okie. For a guy who needs his night time routines and space limitations for a settled sleep, he adjusts to other changes in routines like a pro, even when they involve some of life's most important events like eating and relieving.  Good dog, Okie. 

Happy Slicing,


  1. Dogs never stop amazing! It sounds like you have one of the very best! Enjoy your Saturday with your best friend!

  2. Our dogs have such personalities, for better or worse sometimes! I love how Okie and Winnie's personalities came through in this post. Your descriptions of their likes and dislikes brought each of them to life! Gives me the idea to write a post about the routines around here and what they mean for each of my canine family members!

  3. SO cute! Okie has a lovely and funny personality brought to life by your writing!

  4. I like imagining you coming down, turning on the coffee maker, and going about your Saturday things with your doggie underfoot. Xx

  5. Okie for the win! I think these two have to be a picture book with Larkin illustrating ...

  6. I just loved this sentence: "Clare came home for the weekend, and with Clare comes Winnie." I knew there was adventure ahead. Okie and Winnie. Winnie and Okie. Funny how things can change.