Thursday, March 12, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 12 of 31- I'm Planning To Buy a Fish on Saturday

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"I'm thinking you should probably come home," texted my daughter Clare on Tuesday. 

She has been spending her semester abroad in Central America and is currently in Guatemala getting ready to head to Costa Rica on Saturday. If there were any lead balloons flying over Guatemala City, one would have been carrying my message. It didn't go over well. 

"Are you kidding?"

"Why are you saying that?" 

"Who have you been talking to?

These were only some of the answers I got back. I backed off, figuring we'd see what they next few days would bring. 

This morning, following the travel ban to Europe and her school's message that the only way students could stay in any countries was to petition, Clare agreed I should book her flight home. 

"Can I get a dog?" she wrote. "Or maybe a fish?"

We will figure out her credits. 
We will figure out her flight reimbursements. 
We will figure out her on-line learning plan. 

There will be a fish on her dresser. 


  1. Oh this uncertainty is so hard for parents, couples, loved ones with people abroad. My husband is currently stuck in Spain while me and my son are waiting for him at home. It's tough. Stay strong.

  2. This virus is affecting our lives in more ways than we ever dreamed. We WILL all get through this! ~JudyK

  3. I'm so sorry, Clare! I can't imagine this.

    I love your last few lines with the uncertainty, ending with the certainty through humor.