Friday, March 13, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 13 of 31- Never Too Many Books

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"How many books can we take?" a student asked. 

Earlier in the morning, the reading specialist and I had piled used books on the conference room table, hoping that students would take some of them home. She had sent an email to all the teachers letting them know to send students who might not have access to books to come on down and take some. We won't have school for at least two weeks. We'll see what happens after that. 

I don't think everyone would have agreed with me, but what the heck. It was after noon, and there were plenty of books. I might have said, "Take as many as you want."

There were several students there, and their eyes got wide, and then they started piling up a stack of books. When they couldn't carry them all, I might have given them bags. (Please don't tell since maybe I let them take too many books.) I didn't know that these books were supposed to go to an underfunded school later in the year, or I would have set more limits. That being said, who knows what's going to happen later in the year...

"You can't really have too many books," I said. "I want to hear some great stories when we are all back together."

They nodded and promised they'd be reading as they held their bags by the bottom so they wouldn't break. 

"And don't forget to do some writing, too," I said. 

They promised again. 

I wished I had notebooks and pens to send them off with so they'd be extra inspired to write as well as read. 

Maybe we'll be together again sooner than it seems. 


  1. Yes, so glad you gave out books and bags full of books!

  2. I kept telling teachers today to just send kids home with LOTS of books! I love that you followed your instinct! I was in a 2nd grade class and the teacher sent so much writing paper home!

    Not sure what state you're in (I'm in OH) but things are getting nuts!

  3. Yes never too many books, may they spend happy hours reading and you will see them again sooner than expected!