Sunday, March 15, 2020

Slice of Life 2020:15 of 31- Figuring Out the Showers

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"Mom!" Julia yelled from the bathroom. "What the heck?!?!?"

She was taking her first shower in our new house in the bathroom with the half shower door. I am sure she would not recommend it. 

"This is freezing, and all the water sprays all over the place," she explained when I poked my head in the door. 

"Go use mine," I said. 

"I can't figure out the temperature on yours," she said. "It's either scalding or freezing."

She's not wrong. 

"We're working on that," I said. 

She took the towel I handed her and headed to the one other shower. Maybe three was a charm because I didn't get any other summons. 

Let's hope the plumber can get back soon and do a little tweaking of the showering systems!


  1. That's the one thing I dislike about traveling. I've had several showers like your daughter. I hope the plumber can fix it all soon.

  2. It sounds a little bit like traveling... you never know what kind of shower you are going to get! I hope the plumber fixes it soon.

  3. This made me laugh. I don't know if that was your purpose, but it was comedic in the delivery of your writing! Here's hoping the plumber comes back!

  4. Oh, so hard when you travel and the shower (usually in the tub) is not very good - water too hot or too cold or the water pressure is too weak or you cannot direct the spray exactly where you want it. We had to upgrade our shower at home, too. One leaked and then we had big water spots to deal with. Hope your plumber gets it right!

  5. Oh no! Sounds like you have a daughter who stays calm though. Hope you can fix it soon!

  6. This totally happens at my house, too. I also appreciate your "COVID-19" free slice. That is my goal for tomorrow.

  7. I hope you all get the shower issues fixed as well. Congratulations on the new house.