Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 3 of 31- Whoopie Pies, Part 1

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I try to ignore the strong smell of chocolate that has swirled beyond the kitchen through the dining room, up the stairs, and into my bedroom.

I have a good book to read. (Reading can take the place of chocolate every now and then.)

I have pledged off of sugar after a certain time at night. (But I've completed my forty day cleanse so my partners in it won't be asking tomorrow.)

I've brushed my teeth. (Okay, who hasn't brushed their teeth a second time when the lure of something to eat has been too strong?)

I concentrate on another page, but wow, that smells good. What is Cecily making?

I can't handle it any more. I have to know. I head to the kitchen. On the cooling rack, she has the outsides of her highly coveted whoopie pies. She's made them for her older sister's soccer team, and they are known as crack cakes in the locker room.

"I can't get this filling right," she says. "I'm trying to do it a little differently."

I look in the saucepan, and then the other saucepan.

"Why are there two?" I ask.

"I made one, following the directions exactly, and it looked wrong, so I made another in exactly the same way," she explains.

I resist the urge to comment on this, but I have to admire her commitment.

She asks me to do the mixing which I hate doing because the confectioners sugar always sprays, no matter how carefully I try to use the beaters, but I'm happy to be there. I'm happy to taste her warm cookies, listen to her plan for this batch of whoopie pies, and hear about her day. Before she started driving, I heard all about her life, but now I have to deal with confectioners sugar, wash the dishes, and brush my teeth a second time.

I'll make that deal any time I can!

Happy Slicing,

PS. The filling came out great, and we had more than we needed!


  1. I love the way you describe your efforts to resist the chocolate in the beginning of this piece, and I love the moment with your daughter.

  2. So great how you bring together the annoyance of the confectioners sugar with the beautiful payoff of this moment with her. Yeah, that is a great deal.

  3. There should be a way to provide samples with food-related slices. I know the confectioners mess from the royal icing I have to make every year for gingerbread houses in school. We have a mixer shield that never works. But in the end, you stirred in the time with your kid, which is worth the clean-up.

  4. So, so true - for me it stain treating baseball paints and making endless snacks for him to eat. I will miss the late night - what do we have to eat - announcements next fall. We have some of our best conversations as he munches and I cook. Ok - now I'm crying - I thought the whoopie pie slices were going to be funny (not that I did't LOL at a line or two).

  5. Now I want whoopie pies. My sister in law makes a mean whoopie pie! The whole scene and glimpse into your mind with those parenthetical lines made me laugh and relate! What a fun slice!

  6. Love these special mom/daughter moments. My mom often commented on how once I started driving, she missed chatting with me.

  7. Whoopie pies - it’s all about the filling! Loved reading your back and forth struggle to focus on your reading. You made the right choice in investigating the aroma!

  8. So happy to read you embraced the moment for bigger reasons than whoopie pies. As they grow older we have to adjust in new ways.