Saturday, March 21, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 21 of 31- Theme-based Nightly Dinners

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"I think we should start dressing up for nightly dinners if this is going to continue," Clare said. "I have all these nice clothes and dresses in my closet that are getting no attention."

We've been managing to keep the routine of nightly meals, and all being together is still a nice thing, so she had my attention. 

"Maybe we could have a theme for each night," Julia suggested. 

They started cracking each other up thinking about various ideas.
  • Animal night: dress as an animal and no silverware allowed
  • Rock stars: instruments and playlists are encouraged
  • Nineteenth century night: inspired by someone's post on Facebook about the importance and wiseness of gloves in society
You get the idea. Under their decree and random number generator for who gets to decide on a theme first, I am the first decider, and my decision is due by noon. Any suggestions? 


  1. I love this idea! I have really enjoyed seeing my kids be so creative. What about dinner as your favorite character from a book?

  2. How fun is this idea! You could have White night - dress is white and all the food be white or some form of!

  3. So fun! You have to have prom night! I hope you didn't get rid of all the dresses with the move!

  4. No suggestions here, but I admire your family’s adventurous spirit. Can’t wait to read what comes of this.

  5. Sounds fun. I'm thinking Beach Night might be a fun one. Sports night? Night at the Opera? Those could be fun! Please take pictures. :)

  6. Now you have to slice about what you chose ... with pictures. How about favorite movie star or singer?