Monday, March 2, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 2 of 31- Making a Difference

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Text messages are always welcome when I'm revising tough parts of a piece. (Truth: when I'm really committed, notifications are off and the phone's in another room.) Therefore, when A's text came over my screen wanting to talk when I had time, I had plenty of time. Right then.

Sure. Give me a call, I reply. 

A. has been in my student writing group for almost three years now. He's a freshman in high school now, and I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to tell me he needs a break from our monthly group. I say that to him before he can fill me in on the reason for wanting to talk. I think it would be easier for him to have an out, to have an okay, to know that I'd still value him and I know high school can feel intense and overwhelming. 

"That's not it," he says. "I'm just in a program now and it's kind of far, so I don't know that I can make it on time."

He explains how he's been hospitalized for anxiety and depression, but he's doing better now. That he's sorry for missing our group last month. That it's one of the best things for me. That writing's where he finds peace and he feels comfortable with our group. 

"We will meet whenever you can get there," I tell him, trying to make sure my voice doesn't shake.  

And we will. 

I don't always know the struggles children like A. are facing, and I'm glad in this case, that I'm making a difference for him. 

Here's to #SOLSC,

PS I WILL be writing about whoopie pies and prom dresses for some of you who understand that reference! 


  1. Thanks for leaving me with a laugh. A young adult in our community just long his battle with depression this week. A. is lucky to have you, writing, and that group. Now on to the whoopie pies!

  2. Oh wow... how brave he was to share this with you. I hope he keeps writing and connecting with you and the group. What a powerful moment you captured here and what a great reminder for all of us who read this.

  3. Wow! Like Lisa said, he was so brave to open up to you and to let you know the the positive impact of writing and the group on him. This also speaks volumes to the relationship you and he have. He respected and trusted you. That is priceless. Yay you, Yay A!

  4. I’m glad A has someone like you to lean on. What a gift that is to him!

    I don’t know about the prom dresses and Whoopi pies, but I look forward to that post.

  5. Additional proof of the power of writing! Writing connects us in a way that goes beyond the everyday!

  6. I had to keep reading to see if said A was me! Both of us A's are so lucky to have you to remind us of the power of writing.

  7. Not only does A have someone like you to turn to but you have given him an outlet for life; writing is one of the best therapies!

  8. Go Mom! Fun to hear you say this to me over the phone and then to read it. Both had me feeling all sorts of feelings :-). You rock.

  9. I'm cheering for A. I'm also marveling at the power of phone distractions, depending on circumstances, to hearten or derail us!