Monday, March 16, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 16 of 31- A Different Location

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"Hi Clare," the women behind the glass, Valerie, said. "Hi Melanie."

"She knows your name?" Clare said, not hiding her surprise. 

"We know each other," Valerie said. "You flew in from Costa Rica on Saturday?" she asked. 

"Guatemala," Clare said. "Man, she knows everything. How does she know so much?"

Valerie and I smiled. We knew each other's voices better than our faces because for the last few months, she and I had worked with insurance people, pharmaceutical representatives, and international doctors so that Clare would be able to have her medical treatment while she was on her semester abroad. After who knows how many calls and hours spent on hold, Clare had been set up to have it at a hospital in Costa Rica where she was to do the second half of the semester. How ironic was it that after all that, she was here, in Connecticut, having her infusion instead of there? 

On Saturday, instead of flying from Guatemala to Costa Rica, she flew home, another one of the countless students impacted by COVID-19. I didn't share all of the hoops we jumped through for her to not have to fly home mid-semester because of her own personal health issue. Who knew it would be a global pandemic that would bring her home for her infusion? 

So many stories across and around the world. So much navigation. So many plans to be cancelled or revised. And how lucky are we to have the flexibility to have health care despite massively changed plans?


  1. I know how much work you did organizing everything for Clare. I remember when you thought she might have to come home. And, now, home she is!

    Talk about finding the silver lining. YES! You are so lucky to have health care despite everything that's gone on.

  2. Glad your daughter made it home safe! It's funny how we can connect with people after barely meeting them, or mostly meeting them over the phone as you describe.

  3. We are awash in stories, no doubt, but each one of our own has its importance. Thanks for sharing a bit of yours.