Sunday, March 22, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 22 of 31- The Mystery of the Sports Bra and the Space Heater

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I was on the phone in my office when my daughter came in, looking around. She came around to where I was sitting and looked under my elbow. Then on the floor. 

"Hold on a sec," I said into the phone. "What's up Julia? What do you need?"

"Have you seen the sports bra that was on the arm of your chair?" she wanted to know. 

The person on the other end of the phone, a mother of two boys, burst out laughing. "That would never be said in my house," she said. 

"I put it on the stairs to go up," I said. "I couldn't figure out why there was a bra on my chair."

"Did you not notice it was damp?"

I held my tongue, although I wanted to know even more why a damp sports bra belonged on the arm of one of my office chairs. 

"And did you not notice that the heater was on?"

That I had noticed. When I sat down in the chair for my call, the heater was cranking away, as it had been earlier in the morning when I was in there writing. I figured that I, in my less and less with it state of mind, had left in on. (I've been doing things like that. Anyone else?)

She walked out and grabbed the bra from the bottom stair, and I returned to my conversation, having a good laugh over the solved mystery of the sports bra and the space heater. 


  1. The universe must be turning to the lighter side of life in quaratine, because I shared a funny story today, too! The juxtaposition of parenting experiences and the slow reveal through dialogue are so effective here and this was the perfect slice for reading with my morning coffee!

  2. This absolutely could have played itself out in my house. With all three here, some of the happenings are so fast and funny, I can't even grab them for slicing!! Thanks for the morning chuckle! Stay Healthy, Melanie!

  3. You used dialogue so well here and relied on the reader to put the pieces together to solve the mystery. I consider myself a well-adjusted empty nester, but I do wish my children were gathered with me these days.

  4. I can picture the confusion on your face and the logic that Julia saw in this situation. The combination makes for a funny moment.

  5. So glad you decided to write it ...kept me grinning throughout the day yesterday. Yes small moments to savor.

  6. With the gift of time, I am finding that some of the moments that might turn into blowouts in my house on a busy scrambling weekday (like if I moved someone's clothing they needed) are instead bringing my family laughs. Thanks for sharing a funny moment.

  7. Mystery solved! I love how your daughter was trying to solve a problem and how you were trying to keep things in order and the misunderstanding that occurred because of that could give you a laugh.

  8. hahaha this made me laugh. It made me think about the great lengths my roommates and I would go to in college to get our sports bras dry. A few may have incidentally ended up out the window and on the quad.

  9. LOL!!! The things kids say and do!!! Thanks for the little glimpse into your reality.

  10. Isn't it impressive how resourceful our children can be when they want to?! Great piece!