Friday, March 27, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 27 of 31- A little like bacon

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A whole lot has changed in a short time. When I texted Clare on a Wednesday that I thought she should consider coming home from her semester abroad in Central America, she was furious. By Friday, her college was closing. On Saturday, she was on a plane home. When we booked her flight, she sent me a text. 

Can I get a puppy?

I showed it to my colleague, Dena. We laughed. We laughed harder at Clare's next message:

Can I get a fish?

That girl. She could at least keep her sense of humor, and I was guessing those messages were through tears. 

Clare's been strategic since she's been home. She first shared pictures, lots of pictures, of cute puppies. She'd help pay for it. She'd train it. She'd deal with the first week of all-nighters. She got me on board. 

She made elaborate spreadsheets and talked to breeders from all over the place. She checked references and spoke to vets. She asked about distancing and how breeders were dealing with it. 

We've been having nice family dinners and when my husband was on a second beer and we'd had a lot of laughter, we brought it up with him. We got him on board. 

So yesterday, instead of spending the day on a screen, I spent the day in the car, and we went and picked up Ziggy. We planned on a boy, but she was the only puppy left without a deposit-- we're good. We took the girl. 

It's easy to fall in love with a puppy. Even our 3 year-old lab seems good with it for now. And if Ziggy cried last night, I didn't hear it since she was in Clare's room. 

I might think this was a really bad idea in a week or so, I texted to my friend, Amy. 

No, Amy said. Puppies are like bacon. They make everything better. 

Welcome to the family, Ziggy. 

PS Dena loved this story the most! 


  1. What!!!??? I must see Ziggy! Text me a picture, please! A puppy sounds like just the right thing right now. :) :) Good job, Clare! So sorry she had to leave her study abroad.

  2. I wondered and wondered about the title. Now my curiosity is satisfied and lucky you, a new puppy in the family!

  3. Ziggy!! Well played Clare, well played! I love the small moments within your piece... the second beer before approaching your husband, the laughter in your office- they all add to the overall mood.

  4. What fun for your daughter and your whole family. I'm sure Ziggy will be delightful, puppies are always worth the effort. I love how you put everything together and the build up to going to get your puppy.

  5. Yeah! So glad you did it and that I bartered for an early picture. So cute - truly ridiculous!