Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 25 of 31- What was in my inbox

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"I think you should just start a classroom," I said in a virtual meeting with a few teachers who were wondering about SeeSaw and how it works. 

"How?" they all wanted to know. 

We went to the website and walked each other through signing up.

"We're just going to sign our students up now?"

"They won't know what to do...."

"And WE don't know what to do..."

Drafting, I suggested that we all be each other's students. That way, everyone would get to see both what a student sees and a teacher sees. 

"We'll be each other's no-judgement zone," I said. Although, I have to say, if there's ever been a safe time to make mistakes, it's now. 

As we ended the Google Meet-up (I'm still not sure what the right expression is for that), we made a plan to meet again on Monday. 

"One of you needs to set that meeting up," I said. "That way you learn to do it."

Everyone was silent.

"You guys," I said, "you got three invites from me for this one because I did the first two wrong."

That got them braver, and one of them went to her calendar with us guiding her along. 

In tonight's inbox, I have both my invitation to Monday's meeting, into three SeeSaw classrooms, and an email about how excited they are to be learning and playing together on this platform. 

I have to keep reminding myself for my sanity's sake that there are some good things...


  1. Your dialogue made this slice! I smiled as I read as I could visualize this event unfold. Indeed, "there are some good things..."

  2. I needed this slice today! We are all entering a new norm and feel inadequate to move forward with certainty. Good for you for being the one to empower your colleagues, friends, and me!

  3. Yes, there are good things. Sometimes we have to squint to find them.