Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 17 of 31- Good Food and Great Daughters

March is for daily slicing, and all are welcome! Join us at Two Writing Teachers!

I'm not sure how it's gotten to be 6:19 PM, and I still haven't posted. I'm especially not sure how this is happened since I've spent so much time writing, but truth be told, my writing hasn't been a slice, yet. I've written letters, communications, posts, and other documents. I've written instructions and plenty of emails. If I could see my brain, I'm sure it would look tired. It's worked hard today. 

I'm grateful for my daughters. When I was on an early morning conference call, I had Cecily's double chocolate chip cookies to energize me. Yes, on some days, I rely on chocolate earlier than on others. 

And in the middle of my afternoon conference call, Julia brought in a healthier snack. 

How did she know I was feeling shaky from the highly caffeinated cup of coffee Clare had made for me? 

And now, as I finish up, we have Cecily's homemade gnocchi. 

Tonight, my brain may feel tired, but I'm grateful for my good food and great daughters. 


  1. Three cheers for your thoughtful and creative daughters! I hope you and your brain take a little rest tonight!

  2. Wow! These girls! Virtual high five to you on your hard work and productive day!

  3. Ok, seriously?! Your post is making me so hungry! You might need to post recipes next time!

  4. Lucky you! Can you send your daughters right over? These look and sound delicious!