Thursday, March 5, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 5 of 31- More About Whoopie Pies

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By the third day of having whoopie pies in the house, I need them to leave. As you might have read earlier this week, I've been cheating with addictive whoopie pies since my youngest daughter made them for her study group. (Funny how little she seems to be studying now that she's into college. I'm fairly sure she spent longer making whoopie pies than at her study session.)

"Are you going to eat these?" I ask my husband.

He never does.

"Are you going to eat these?" I ask my mother.

She eats them, but about a tenth of one a day. And guess who eats the other 90%?

"Are you going to eat these?" I ask Cecily the baker. "Or at least bring them to school again?"

She's already planning her next culinary endeavor. Nope.

So I pack them up in foil and place them on my passenger seat. One way or another, I was NOT going to keep eating whoopie pies.

At school, I walk into my friend Missie's room carrying my foil package and napkins. I place one on her desk, and her eyes get wide. Missie is super enthusiastic, and she almost does a happy dance. Not one to be shy, Missie takes an immediate bite.

"How many more of those do you have?" she asks. "Give the pudgy girl the whoopie pies!"

I laugh and leave her with another. Then head to another lucky recipient of Cecily's baked goods. No more whoopie pies for me.

Happy Slicing,


  1. I love when something that is driving me crazy can be a blessing for someone else. The progression of your story is great. I can see you in the car looking over at that foil packet with the resolve to not eat another whoopie pie!!

  2. Your post makes me think of gingerbread cookies which call me from wherever they are to their TUpperware container. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and want them with coffee. Sometimes I want one or two or three as a snack and other times they call me and ask me to eat them and skip a meal. Perhaps that is why they are restricted to Christmas baking when I know there will be company and I can "dispose" of them!

  3. It’s sacrelige to say this in Central PA, but I’m not a fan of whoopie pies. So, I’d be like Garth and resist them if they were here. But cookies or cupcakes... those I can’t resist!

  4. I too cannot resist the sweets and salty snacks in my house - love how solved your problem. Staff room is always a great place to bring treats! They do sound amazing. And yes... lack of studying and the senior slump is a real thing!!

  5. I come from a hard core New England whoopie pie family. How dare you! LOL! Can't wait to read what she makes next!

  6. Haha. I love this. Especially your repeated question that keeps getting the answer you do not want. I've never had a whoopie pie. What is it?