Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Slice of Life 2019 12 of 31: Cecily can get ready faster than I can!

Throughout the month of March, I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge. I am happy to co-host this event with the team at Two Writing Teachers. Everyone is welcome!

As I head downstairs, the hallway is dark. I check under the bathroom door. No crack of light. Check under Cecily's bedroom door. No crack of light. 

I open the door to her room, and only the top of her head shows from under the covers. 

"Cec," I whisper. "It's really late."

She bolts upright in bed. "What time is it?" She looks at the clock. "Mom. It's only 6:43. It's not even seven."

Even though she doesn't add duh to the end of her sentence, her meaning is clear. I shrug and head downstairs. It would stress me out to have to get ready in less than a half hour, but it's not a fight I'm going to start first thing in the morning when it's still dark out and we're struggling to get used to the time change. In fact-- note  to self-- it's not a fight I want to start any morning.

In the kitchen, Garth motions me over to look at the dog. She too is having a hard time adjusting to the dark morning, and is snoring away on her bed. At least she gets to sleep!

According to History.com, William Willett came up with the idea of moving the clocks forward to enjoy the daylight more. Who knew it could have such a lasting impact over a hundred years later?! If you're looking for a good debate to offer upper elementary students, whether or not we should move clocks forward and back is a good one!

Happy Slicing,


  1. The time change always messes me up. I had to change the clock on the microwave and in my car. I hear people are complaining and want to stop the change of time.

  2. I hate "spring forward" and always have. Sure we get more daylight in the evening, but getting out when it's still dark...ugh! Anyway, I love your insight "It's not an a fight I want to have anytime." Smart mama.

  3. Ahh. I know this well. My daughter is back living at home this year after graduating last spring. She's working and saving money, but her morning habits are so different. I'm up at 5:30 to leave at 7:00. She's up at 6:50 to leave at 7. In high school she woke up at 6:55 to get in the car at 7. She was able to do this because of her strategy of sleeping in her uniform (Catholic school!!). Different. -Humbleswede

  4. There's a debate in Europe that remains unsettled about whether or not to ditch the whole process. We still have a couple more weeks before we change but I'm sure that shift will challenge many.

  5. I want to be your dog- getting up today WAS hard! I heard on the news last night that this whole clock springing forward thing started in response to something the Germans did. Hm... I wonder which is accurate. Either way, I think the madness needs to stop. Thank goodness for coffee. Your writing is so good Melanie. No wonder you've got books...

  6. I love how you capture your family in this slice. Cec, the dog, Garth... everyone's routines are all laid out in a moment.

  7. Well Tammy and I got delayed 10 hours and did not arrive at our hotel until 2 in the morning ... so it all got mixed together. It usually doesn't bug me in terms of being tired, but I hate going back to running in the dark. I have to remember not to fight the - you're going to be late - battle. Thanks for the reminder.