Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Slice of Life 2019 20 of 31: Dinner of Champions

Throughout the month of March, I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge. I am happy to co-host this event with the team at Two Writing Teachers. Everyone is welcome!

Missie and I drove around the Fairfield University campus sort of to pass time, sort of out of curiosity, mostly to look for food. 

"There are no kids," she said.

"It's spring break," I said. "We need to find somewhere off campus."

We nosed our way out and headed away from where we'd come in. It's a college after all. There HAD to be a place for food. 

Right at the corner, we spotted a sandwich shop, but when we pulled in, the stools were already upside down on the tables. But... as Missie went to pull out, I spotted the ice cream place that was attached to it. 

"We could have milkshakes," I said, half joking, but talkable-into-it. 

Missie put the car in reverse and parked. 

"French fries would really make it a meal," she said. 

Right next door was Joe's American Bar and Grill. We wasted no time. We got our fries to go with extra ketchup, ordered our milkshakes (she talked me into getting a medium), and sat at the counter eating our dinner of champions. We needed plenty of intellectual energy to go listen to Jacqueline Woodson's brilliant talk about her brilliant book, Harbor Me. 

I'd recommend any part of our experience, but especially Jacqueline Woodson. If you EVER have the opportunity, go hear her speak. 

Happy Slicing,


  1. Sounds perfect! Sometimes that is what you need to eat

  2. Wow, Jackie Woodson?! That's awesome and amazing. Love how you waited until the end to let us in on why you were there :)

  3. Dinner of champions for sure! I would join you on that anytime. I have heard her speak a few times and I totally agree she is amazing. I love that book. I love this line: Missie put the car in reverse and parked. Says so much with a few words.

  4. Milkshakes and French Fries! Yummy.
    Yours is the second post I read today about Woodson's talk. I've heard her speak, and she is amazing.
    What a perfect evening.

  5. This sounds like the perfect evening!

  6. College towns/areas can just roll up the carpet when the students aren't there. With two in college we've run in to that a few times when we assumed places would be opened. I love how you rolled with it and a good milkshake and fries and a girlfriend sound like a combination.

  7. I read this post because I have been craving good American food. This definitely made me want it even more. So good to enjoy a meal qith a friend.

  8. This sounds like the BEST kind of meal! A friend and a milkshake and fries - what could be better?

    And I LOVED reading Harbor Me. I bet JW was great to listen to.

  9. Love this spur of the moment fabulous meal! As for french fries and milkshakes... nothing better... or perhaps Jacqueline Woodson is! Sounds like a perfect evening.

  10. "talkable-into-it" - excellent phrase. Goes well with ice cream, french fries & Jacqueline Woodson. Sounds like an ideal outing, really.