Friday, March 20, 2020

Slice of Life 2020: 20 of 31- It's Surreal, But Also Very, Very, Real

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How is it that it's almost 7 at night, I feel like I've been on my computer all day writing, and I still haven't hunkered down to slice? My usual pattern is to slice first thing in the morning, and these days all patterns seem to have dissolved. 

I keep hearing so many comments about the surreal feeling that's out there. Yes, there's that. But, it's not only surreal. It's real, too. There's the school element, for sure, and people are working and thinking harder than many ever have before. And there's also the financial piece. My oldest daughter called last night on her way to get laid off and on her way from being laid off. Not a conversation or an experience I'd wish on anyone. My sister-in-law who is also my best friend has temporarily closed her yoga studio. Tomorrow I will teach her how to use Zoom to stream a class. I want her business to survive. My brother's brand new office for weight loss is going to struggle, although I'm feeling like I may gain at least ten pounds from the extra alcohol I am consuming and the cookies my youngest daughter keeps making. 

"You've got this," I heard myself say over and over to my daughter when she was crying on the other end of the phone, over 2,000 miles away. "You'll get through, and you'll be okay."

As the Friday night sky darkens in front of me, I'm thinking about how so many of us are reinventing ourselves, and seeing how quickly we can pivot in a world that is changing  faster and faster and faster. I'm drinking my beer. I don't usually drink beer before dinner by myself. (It's usually wine.) I'm slicing. I don't usually slice this late in the day. (I've said that already.) Like so many, I'm adjusting, reinventing, and pivoting. And I'll be okay. And so will the people I love. I just need to keep remembering that. 


  1. What an amazing post. You have so many special people relying on you for comfort, and it sounds like you're doing a great job. We are all reinventing ourselves and figuring out how to navigate this time, sanely and peacefully. Sounds like "You've got this."

  2. This is a new level of stress that I don't wish upon anyone. It feels like my mind has been racing in 10,000 different directions at once. I hope that you stay safe and healthy.

  3. '...all patterns seem to be dissolved.' That is my favorite line from your piece. I thought I would have a pattern this week. I thought it would be somewhat relaxed. Kinda like vacation, but your post captures the essence of the week. So true... which is why we are doing all of this on a Friday evening. Thank you for that.

  4. Love this slice. I'm sad for Larkin.

    Thanks for the chat today. I loved the laugh we shared about the driving range and golf balls. We're going to come out of this whole thing stronger. We've got this.

  5. This is beautiful. It is surreal because we are ALL experiencing the world falling apart at precisely the same moment. It's really intense. You are a love to your kids, a rock, the one that they call when their world falls apart...this is good. "these days all patterns seem to have dissolved."